Our Models


The B243 is a classic 243 model, featuring a longer barrel with a more top heavy feel. It is geared more towards hitting for power. The 243 model has been around for years and is renowned having a strong transfer of power from the hands to the barrel.


The B271 is a model aimed towards hitting for contact, with a very balanced feel. This bat allows for hitters to have a very fast swing speed. It has a medium length handle, and a medium length barrel. The ultimate balance.


The B-AP5 is our own spin on the highly sought after Marucci AP5 made for Albert Pujols. This bat has a slightly top heavy feel and we've included our own hershey kiss style knob, with a less defined ridge around the knob for hitters who like they're hands as low as possible.


The BC01 is our beechwood custom model number 1. It features a barrel shape similar to a 271 model but has a much different knob style, with a more defined taper and more of a platform for the hand to lock in to. With its balanced feel, this bat is for optimal speed and control.


The BC02 model is our beechwood custom shape number 2. This bat was made for power hitters. It features a longer barrel size and is slightly thicker for the most solid contact. this is also equip with a custom knob style for the most comfortable grip.


The BC03 features a larger size barrel similar to one of an AP5 ideally for producing high barrel speeds. This specific bat is unique because of the taper of the knob, where there is no ridge similar to a knobless bat but the next step up.